Back-to-School Crafts

Back-to-School Newspaper

A Back-to-School Newspaper helps everyone catch up on what happened over the summer. Here's how to make one:

What You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pen and markers (or typewriter or computer)
  • Copy machine

Step 1: To get your stories, interview classmates and teachers to find out what they did over the summer and what they hope to accomplish this year at school. Remember that a good newspaper story always answers the questions who, what, when, where, why -- and sometimes how.

Step 2: Write your stories by hand or use a typewriter or computer. Illustrate your stories with funny cartoons that you draw or use cutouts from old magazines. If you have a camera, you could also take pictures of the people who are in the stories.

Step 3: Think of a name for your newspaper, and write it across the top of the first page in big, bold letters.

Step 4: Give all your stories headlines, such as "Mrs. Sellars Builds Sailboat Over Summer."

Step 5: You may also want to include a "Letters to the Editor" column, a joke corner, or a weather report.

Step 6: Ask an adult to copy your newspaper so you have one for everyone in your class. Staple the pages together, and hand them out.

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