Back-to-School Crafts

Make a set of Stamped Harvest Placemats.
Make a set of Stamped Harvest Placemats.

The start of the school year is a great time for extra special back-to-school crafts. Sometimes activities related directly to school can help get kids enthused for the upcoming year. For instance, kids can get ready for school by creating unique book covers or planning a newspaper for their class. Or they can get into "school" mode by teaching a younger sibling or neighbor how to recognize different shapes.

Other activities take advantage of fall materials and resources. Cornhusk dolls can be complicated or simple, depending on the age of the child making them. Indian corn can be used for a variety of other art projects as well. And don't forget the leaves -- they're great for art projects or just for playing in.


Check out the back-to-school craft projects below to get into the swing of things this year:

Back-to-School Newspaper

Become the news-hound for your school and start up a back-to-school newspaper to let everyone know what's going on!

Stitching Up Shapes

Help a young friend learn his or her shapes with this cool back-to-school crafts project.

Styling Book Covers

Use your text books to express yourself! Make one-of-a-kind book covers that will make your books stand out from all the rest.

Harvest Corn Doll

Learn how to do a traditional, old-time American craft, and make your own corn-husk doll -- for yourself or for a young friend.

Stamped Harvest Placemats

If you don't like eating vegetables, you might enjoy using them to make these pretty placemats for fall.

Cornhusk Doll

Here's a cornhusk doll that's easy for younger kids to make and fun to play with.

Indian Corn Painting

Here's a new and creative use for Indian corn -- painting! You can get some great effects with this craft project.

Pre-Carved Pumpkins

Personalize your pumpkin by carving it -- before it's harvested!

Growing Indian Corn

Grow your own supply of Indian corn. You can use it for the projects in this article or give it to your friends.

Sneaky Leaf Gathering Game

Have fun playing in the leaves with this fun and goofy game.

Leaf Stencils

Preserve the beautiful shapes of the leaves you find with this craft project.

Compost Sculpture

Composting is good for the environment, and it can be artistic too! Try out this fun craft.

For ideas on starting up a back-to-school newspaper that will get everyone up to speed for the new school year, see the next page.

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