Back-to-School Activities

Nature's Orchestra

Give a concert with Nature's Orchestra!
Give a concert with Nature's Orchestra!

You and your friends can strike up the band with these musical instruments made from natural materials. Try out this festive back-to-school activity.

What You'll Need:

  • Nature objects
  • Cans

Remember: Don't harm live plants or disturb animals in their habitats during this project.

Step 1: With a group of friends, collect rocks, gravel, sand, sticks, shells, and anything else from nature that you can use to make musical instruments. Use your imagination!

Step 2: Put rocks in cans to shake. Use sticks as drumsticks. Maybe you can make a drum from a hollow log or from bark.

Step 3: See if you and your friends can make beautiful music together.

After your concert, you could try making some Trail Signs for your friends to see if they can follow them. See the next page for ideas.

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