Back-to-School Activities

School Bus Game

This is one exciting bus ride! The School Bus Game is a great back-to-school activity.

What You'll Need:

Play this game at home or at school.

Step 1: To set up the game, put the chairs in rows, like on a bus.

Step 2: Write the names of all the players on the slips of paper, and put them on a table across the room from the chairs.

Step 3: One player is the school bus driver. She or he says: "The school bus is here. Let's all be on time. Pick up your tickets over there, so we can be in school by nine."

Step 4: After this is said, the other players run to the table to find the ticket with their name on it.

Step 5: If they find it, they run to the bus and get a seat. Whoever is left cannot ride the bus.

Step 6: Play the game over and over and keep score for perfect school bus attendance.

Step 7: Whoever first reaches a perfect score of 5 (for the 5 school days of the week), gets to be the bus driver for the next round.

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