Back-to-School Activities

Make your own Trail Signs to show the way.
Make your own Trail Signs to show the way.

Autumn seems to fill people with creative energy. The change in weather, the upcoming holidays, and especially getting back to school all just make kids, in particular, eager to get busy. Playing outside in the fall weather is the obvious thing to do, and so is getting used to doing homework again. But sometime kids enjoy back-to-school activities that have some structure but aren't part of their homework.

The activities below are a great way to give kids something different to do, either at home or at school. Some will take them out into the fall weather, while others will keep them busy on blustery days when no one wants to go out.


Try out the back-to-school activities below for a change of pace:

School Bus Game

This back-to-school game makes a good ice breaker for groups of kids.

Truth or Lies Game

Reinforce your knowledge about the U.S.A with this fast-paced rhythm game.

Mud Madness

Kids who like to build -- and those who like to get dirty -- will like this back-to-school activity.

Rainwater Blues

You'll enjoy doing this experiment, but you might not like what you learn about the air you breathe!

See It Safely

Learn a safe way to view and enjoy the next eclipse of the sun.

Ups and Downs

Depending on where you live and the season, your weather chart may have as many ups and downs as a roller coaster.

Autumn Treasure Box

Paint a pretty box to keep and display the natural treasures you can find in the fall.

Twig Collecting

Collect twigs and use them to identify the trees in your neighborhood.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

This is a different kind of hide and seek -- looking for common natural objects will test your powers of observation!

Nature's Orchestra

Be a different kind a drummer and try using only natural objects that you find yourself.

Trail Signs

See if you can mark a clear trail for your friends using only objects from nature.

Leaf Litter

Learn about what's right under your feet by examining the layers of leaves in your own yard.

Leave It to Nature

Clean up for fall the green way -- learn about composting.

Duck Bread Distribution

Make your neighborhood ducks happy by sharing some of your extras with them.

Get the wheels turning on your back-to-school activities with the School Bus Game on the next page.

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