After-School Games

Football Measure-Up

How close can your kids come to their NFL heroes' personal bests? Are they jocks? Sports fiends? Football wannabes? Then maybe it's time to see how they measure up to the pros.

What You'll Need:

  • NFL record book (from the library)
  • Football
  • Tape measure
  • Paper pen

Pick their strongest football talent. It could be kicking off, passing, blocking, running, field goals, or any other part of the game. Now take have them take their best shot and measure the distance that they run, toss, or kick. Keep notes and compare them with how the professionals do. Don't expect your child to be John Elway; it took him years and years of practice to snag back-to-back Super Bowl wins. Even Elway will say that if your child keeps doing his best, he's already on his way to some championship moves.

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