After-School Games

Hop-Along Wrestling

There are no body slams allowed when you get into the ring for this wrestling match! Don't let the name fool you. Hop-Along Wrestling is nothing like those wild matches on TV.

What You'll Need:

  • Partner
  • Grassy space

Step One: For this match, your child will need to round up a friend.

Step Two: The two of them should find a patch of grass or a lawn to stand on.

Step Three: They'll face each other and join right hands just like they would if they were shaking hands.

Step Four: Now each one of them should raise their left foot behind their backs and hold it up with their left hand.

Step Five: Once they're in position, it's time to wrestle! Both of them should start pushing and pulling the other person with their right hand. They can hop if they want to.

Step Six: The person who remains standing without letting go of their left foot is the winner.

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