After-School Games

Going Solo

Your son or daughter wants to play catch, but no one is around. No problem with Going Solo. All your child really needs are two hands and a lot of energy!

What You'll Need:

  • Net or rope
  • Tennis ball

Once you set up this simple game, your child will entertain himself or herself for hours.

Step One: Tie a net or rope onto two objects, so your child is able to get underneath it easily.

Step Two: Stand on one side of the net. Have your child use his or her left hand to throw the tennis ball up and over the net.

Step Three: Then as quick as a flash, have him zip under the net and try to catch the ball with his right hand.

Step Four: If he catches it, he'll stay in the spot where the ball was caught and throw it back over the net with the same hand.

Step Five: Now your child can catch it on the other side of the net with his left hand.

Step Six: Continue the game and keep score for each hand. Which of your child's hands makes it to ten points first?

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