After-School Games


Your kids can add new life to an old favorite with another cool variation of hide-and-seek.

What You'll Need:

  • Three or more players
  • An outdoor area with hiding places
  • Chalk or sticks for each player

Step One: Begin by choosing an "it." Have "it" close his or her eyes (or stand where other players can't be seen) for a specific length of time.

Step Two: The rest of the players run off in the same direction to find hiding places, but must mark their paths by chalking arrows on paved areas or placing arrows made of sticks on the ground. Marks should be several yards apart.

Step Three: When the players reach a good hiding place, they leave arrows pointing in four different directions. At this point the players scatter and find hiding places within twenty paces of the mark.

Step Four: "It" follows the trail and tries to find all the players.

In a more active version, called "Hares and Hounds," players divide into two teams. The "hounds" close their eyes while the "hares" run together in a particular direction, leaving chalk marks or stick arrows along the way. After a ten- or 20-second head start, the hounds chase the hares. The round is over when the hounds spot the hares. The hares must lay trail markers at least every ten yards.

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