After-School Games


No, your kids and their friends don't have to chow down on li'l fishies to win this fun-filled Sardines game. It's a new twist on hide-and-seek! Ready or not, here I come!

What You'll Need:

  • Friends

Step One: For this game of hide-and-seek, you'll need at least four friends. To get started, one player should be given a chance to hide.

Step Two: The other players should spread out and try to find the pal in hiding.

Step Three: Here's where the twist comes in! When a player finds the pal's hiding place, he or she must hide with that player.

Step Four: Both players must stay where they are until another player finds them. Then that player hides there, too.

Step Five: The hide-and-seek fun will continue until the last person finally finds everybody. At that point, everyone will be squished like -- you guessed it -- sardines!

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