After-School Games

Basketball Bundle

This rag-tag replacement will score a few laughs with your kids and their friends. It's easy to play and fun to watch. Imagine your child thinks he's Michael Jordan. He grabs the ball and heads down center court. He's dying to make that famous "Air" Jordan dunk. Then he realizes the "ball" he's palmed won't even bounce.

What You'll Need:

  • Basketball court
  • Bundle of old clothing
  • String
  • At least one other player

This time, he's playing basketball bundle, and his ball is a well-tied lump of old rags. No fear of double dribbling during this game. No traveling is possible when the ball won't bounce. So just carry, kick, or throw the bundle down the court, shoot and -- hopefully -- score. Then be glad that rags aren't part of the ordinary NBA plan.

Some old-fashioned games just need a little updating to keep your kids entertained. Learn more about another fun game on the next page.

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