After-School Activities

High-Flyin Fun

Follow the instructions for this creative after-school activity, then grab a kite so you and your child can enjoy an afternoon of high flyin' fun.

As with any craft activity, make sure to properly supervise your child when making the High-Flyin' Kite. Plastic bags, sharp scissors, and other craft supplies can cause injury when not used with caution.

What You'll Need:

  • Two thin sticks (one of them twice as long as the other)
  • String
  • Tape
  • Safe scissors
  • Plastic shopping bag

Find two sticks and place them together so they look like a small "t." Using string, show your child how to tie the sticks together where they overlap.

Next, form a diamond shape around the outside of the sticks with some more string. As you do this, have your child wrap the string around the ends of each stick a few times and tape the string tightly in place as well. This is the frame of the kite.

Now, cut a plastic shopping bag at its seams so that you have a completely flat piece of plastic. Lay the frame on top of the plastic and then cut around it, making sure the plastic is a couple of inches bigger than the frame.

Work with your child to put the plastic over the frame and tape it in place. Attach the kite string to where the sticks overlap. Just like that, it's up, up, and away.

If this kite is a big hit, keep kites a-flying for your child with the mysterious kite activity on the next page.

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