After-School Activities

Kick the Can

Kick the Can is an old game, but a great one -- even your great-grandparents may have played this as kids. Continue the tradition by teaching your kids how to do this after-school activity.

What You'll Need:

  • Playing area with open spaces and hiding places
  • At least three players
  • An empty tin can

Have all players stand on a line in a big space. One person is "it."

Another player kicks the can as far as possible. While "it" retrieves the can, everyone else hides. "It" lays the can on the starting line and hunts for other players. Players may change hiding places at any time.

What happens when "it" spots a player depends on the version being played. Play continues as long as everyone continues to have fun (or until dinner is ready).

Version 1: This version is best for players of different ages and speeds. When "it" finds a player, he or she calls out the name and location of the player. That person immediately goes to jail. "It" continues looking for players. Players can be released from jail if another player sneaks over to the can and kicks it before being spotted by "it."

Version 2: If all players have equal speed and agility, alter the rules so that "it" must tag a player before the player is jailed. While "it" is chasing, any other player may kick the can to free everyone else from jail.

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