After-School Activities

Leaf, Leaf, Pinecone

The Leaf, Leaf, Pinecone after-school activity is a new version of the classic "Duck, Duck, Goose" circle game with a nature-friendly twist.

This game is best played out-of-doors, but you can definitely gather some pinecones and encourage children to play this traditional game on a rainy day, too.

What You'll Need:

  • Pine cone
  • Friends
  • Grassy circle

Whoever is "it" must not only touch the heads of the other players, saying, "Leaf, leaf, leaf," but must also drop a fresh pinecone in the lap of the victim they choose before running back around the circle without being tagged. The person trying to tag "it" can touch "it" with a hand above the waist or with the pinecone below the waist.

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