After-School Activities

Loop The Hoop

Kids have to learn to cooperate if they want to play Loop the Hoop -- this after-school activity requires a lot of group coordination but produces a lot of goofy fun.

For this game to really take off, round up as many of your child's friends as you can. The loopy-ness increases when there are more kids playing.

What You'll Need:

  • Hula hoop
  • Stopwatch (or watch with a second hand)

Instruct the children to stand in a circle and hold hands. The object is to pass the hula hoop around the circle. It's not as easy as it sounds: Tell the kids they can't let go of each others' hands. When the group begins, the hoop should dangle from one player's arm. To move the hoop around the circle, that player will have to step through it and slide it along his or her other arm to the next player's arm. Continue until the hoop has gone around the whole circle. Tell players to watch out for those feet, arms, shoulders, and heads!

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