After-School Activities

Classic Ringer Marble Game

When we think of marbles, we usually think of some variation of this classic ringer marble game. This timeless after school activity is one that kids have enjoyed for generations, though they may have called it Taw, Ring Taw, Circle, or Big Ring.

In some areas, kids join marble leagues and play in tournaments. Your child doesn't have to be on a team to enjoy the game, but the more marble players in the ring, the more exciting the game.

What You'll Need:

  • Hard, smooth playing surface
  • Chalk
  • Regular-sized playing marbles
  • Larger shooter marble for each player

First, show your child how to mark a large circle on a hard, smooth surface. He may draw his circle any size.

Now have your child set nine to thirteen marbles in the center in a cross or "X" shape. The marbles should each be an inch or two apart.

One player kneels by the circle and grips the shooter with one hand, knuckle down behind the circle's outline. With a flick of the thumb, the player sends the shooter into the marbles in the ring. A player who knocks a marble from the ring keeps the small marble and shoots again. The player continues shooting until he or she fails to knock a marble out, and the next player takes a turn.

If the shooter accidentally falls from the player's hand while trying to shoot, the player can call "slips" and try again -- but only if no marbles in the ring have been touched. When all the marbles are knocked out, the player with the most wins the game.

If kids want to play "keepsies," the player that wins keeps the marbles, too!

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