After-School Activities

Predator and Prey

Predator and Prey is an after-school activity that changes elements of the classic game of Hide and Seek. Instead of one person running around to find everyone else, here the "seeker" (or "prey") stays put and the "hiders" (or "predators") sneak up on him or her.

This game is based on behavior found in the animal world. In nature, predators must be good at hiding to sneak up on their prey. If prey animals want to avoid being caught, they must use their senses to detect predators. Many prey species stay in open areas where it's hard for predators to sneak up.

What You'll Need:

  • Three or more players
  • Outdoor area with plenty of hiding places

To simulate a natural "predator vs. prey" relationship, designate one child to be the prey animal. With closed eyes, the prey counts to twenty while the predators hide. Every predator must find a separate hiding place from which he or she can see the prey but cannot be seen by the prey. Predators may be close or far away as long as they stay within agreed-upon boundaries.

When the prey finishes counting, he or she may begin looking, and may lean in any direction, but cannot leave the starting spot. Predators may change hiding places at any time, but must stay where they can see prey at all times.

If the prey spots a predator, he or she calls out the name of that person, who is out and must come back to base. When the prey has spotted all predators, choose a new prey.

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