After-School Activities

Jump Rope Relay

A jump rope race is great way for kids to get some exercise.
A jump rope race is great way for kids to get some exercise.
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The Jump Rope Relay race is an after-school activity that isn't just fun and games -- it's great exercise, too. An active round (or three) of this game will speed up kids' rope skipping skills and improve agility.

As with most of the after-school activities on these pages, once you've given children the instructions for play, they can gather friends and do these activities on their own whenever they're looking for something fun to do when school gets out.

What You'll Need:

  • Two jump ropes
  • Open space with asphalt blacktop
  • A "base"

Have the kids line up in two teams at the starting line of a blacktop playground. When the starter says "go," kids should begin jumping rope down the blacktop.

When a child gets to the base they've set up on the other end of the blacktop, instruct them to tag the base, skip back to the starting line, and tag the next racer. The team to finish the race first wins.

Once the kids are tuckered out from all that racing, offer them a new twist on "Hide and Seek." We'll tell you all about it on the next page.

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