Science Projects for Kids: The Moon

Phases of the Moon

Make the phases of the moon easier to understand by making a model. In this active science project for kids, your child has the chance to play the Earth.

What You'll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Plastic foam ball
  • Lamp without a shade
  • Dark room

Step 1: Stick a pencil into a plastic foam ball. The ball stands for the moon. Use the pencil as a handle.

Step 2: Darken the room, and turn on a lamp that doesn't have a shade.

Step 3: Put the lamp at eye level in the middle of the room. Now face the lamp. The lamp is the sun, and you are the Earth!

Step 4: Hold the plastic foam ball directly between you and the light. The side of the ball that is facing you will be dark. This is called the new moon.

Step 5: Turn in place while you hold the ball at arm's length. You might want to hold the ball above your head so the light can always reach it as you turn.

Step 6: Watch the ball. It will go through the phases of the moon as different sides of the ball are hit with light. When you are between the lamp and the ball, with the light shining completely on the ball, the ball will look like a full moon.Go to the next page of science projects for kids: the moon to find out how you can "travel" to the moon with just your binoculars.

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