Science Projects for Kids: States of Matter

Cloud in a Bottle

Make a little weather of your own with a cloud in a bottle. Clouds form when warm, particle-rich air meets cool, moist air. This science project for kids on states of matter can help you understand just how the process works.

What You'll Need:

  • Table
  • Candle
  • Match
  • Clear glass two-liter bottle

Step 1: On a cool day with little or no wind, head for your backyard and find a table.

Step 2: Have a child light a candle, with help from an adult.

Step 3: Turn the two-liter glass bottle upside down, and hold the candle inside the mouth of the jar for about 10 seconds. Don't use a plastic jar. The mouth of a plastic jug could melt.

Step 4: Once the bottle's mouth has cooled a little, form a seal around the bottle with your mouth and blow. Once you pull your mouth away, you should see a cloud form inside the bottle -- just like in the skies above your home.

Learn about surface tension on the next page, and have fun blowing bubbles of different shapes and sizes.

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