Science Projects for Kids: Soil Experiments

Look Mom, No Dirt!

Look Mom, No Dirt! is a science project that teaches kids just how many plants can be grown without dirt. Believe it or not, while most plants in nature grow in soil, it's possible to grow plants without it.

What You'll Need:

  • Wire mesh
  • Aquarium
  • Plant food
  • Water
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Bean or corn seeds

How to conduct the Look Mom, No Dirt! science project:

Step 1: Put a piece of wire mesh (like a piece of old screen) in the bottom of an empty aquarium. Bend the ends of the mesh so that it makes a shelf that is several inches above the bottom of the aquarium.

Step 2: Mix plant food into some water, and pour the water into the aquarium. The water level should be just below the mesh.

Step 3: Put some sphagnum moss on top of the mesh. Then sprinkle some bean or corn seeds onto the moss, and water them well. Keep the seeds watered. Even though there's no soil, the seeds will sprout and send roots down through the mesh into the water that contains plant food.

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