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Science Projects for Kids: Measuring

How High Is That Hill?

Use a level to estimate the height of a hill.
Use a level to estimate the height of a hill.
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How high is that hill? You can find the answer by using a simple surveying tool -- the level. Do this science project for kids, and you'll know how to measure the height of any slope.

What You'll Need:

  • Clear plastic jar
  • Waterproof marker
  • Partner
  • Tape measure
  • Paper, pen
  • Calculator

Step 1: Make a simple level by filling a jar about a third of the way with water.


Step 2: Put the jar on a flat table and, with a waterproof marker, make a ring around the jar at the water level.

Step 3: Have your partner use a tape measure to measure the height from the floor to your eyes. Write this measurement down, and call it your "eye-level distance."

Step 4: Stand at the bottom of the slope, and hold the jar so that the water level is even with the ring on the jar.

Step 5: Look through the jar across the surface of the water, and have your partner stand at the point on the hill that you can see across the water. Your partner is now standing one eye-level distance above you.

Step 6: Go up the hill, and stand by your partner.

Step 7: Look across the level water again, and have your partner move to the next point you can see on the hill. Your partner is now two eye-level distances up the hill.

Step 8: Continue doing this until your partner is on the top of the hill.

Step 9: Multiply the number of eye-level distances you measured out by the number of inches from the floor to your eyes. This will tell you how many inches high the hill is.

Step 10: Divide total by 12 to find out how many feet high the hill is.

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