Science Projects for Kids: Magnets and Metal

Magnetized Paper Clip Chain

Make a chain of clips.
Make a chain of clips.
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A magnetized paper clip chain shows how magnetism can be created by induction. That means an object can become magnetized itself if it is placed next to a magnetized object. Try this science activity for kids to see how one paper clip in the chain magnetizes the next.

What You'll Need:

  • Strong magnet
  • Paper clips

Step 1: Take a strong magnet, and hold a paper clip to it.

Step 2: Touch a second paper clip to the first one that is hanging from the magnet. The second paper clip will be attracted to the first one because the first clip has become a magnet.

Step 3: Continue adding paper clips in this way to see how long of a chain you can create.

Step 4: Take the first paper clip off the magnet. Do the other paper clips stay joined together, or do they immediately fall?

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