Easy Science Projects for Kids

Be a Mineral Detective

In this easy science project, be a mineral detective and discover calcium carbonate in your home. Calcium carbonate is one of the most common minerals in nature. Kids can root it out with their sleuthing skills in this easy science project.

What You'll Need:

  • Wide-mouthed jar
  • Vinegar
  • Raw egg (in the shell)
  • Different kinds of chalk

How to Be a Mineral Detective:

Both eggshells and limestone contain calcium carbonate, and some chalk is made from it.

It's simple to find out whether or not a substance has calcium carbonate in it. Simply drop a sample into a jar of vinegar. If the vinegar dissolves (or partly dissolves) the substance, it contains calcium carbonate.

To try this, fill a wide-mouthed jar with vinegar. Gently place a whole egg in the jar. Watch the eggshell begin to fizz. Over a couple of days, it will completely dissolve! That's because an eggshell is almost all calcium carbonate.

Try the same thing with several different chalk samples. If the chalk is made from calcium carbonate, it will fizz and at least partly dissolve. Some chalk is made from another mineral called gypsum, which will not fizz and dissolve in vinegar.

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