Easy Science Projects for Kids

It's easy to learn with Settle For Dirt and other easy science projects.
It's easy to learn with Settle For Dirt and other easy science projects.
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Science is fun once it becomes easy -- and these easy science projects for kids will show you how. Kids will learn about the world around them as they look more closely at dirt, rocks, trees, and minerals.

These easy activities will set kids on the road to satisfying their scientific curiosity. Who knows where it will lead!


Let the easy science projects begin by following these links:

Grow Your Own Sugar Cane

Sugar cane is sweet and you can grow your own in this easy activity. Learn more.

Settle For Dirt

In this easy science project, you'll discover that dirt always knows the right way to settle. Keep reading to find out more.

What Lives in a Tree?

All kinds of creatures live in trees. See them up close in this science activity.

Be a Mineral Detective

Ever wonder what household items are made of? Find out what contains calcium carbonate in this easy science project.

Knock on Wood

So many things are made of wood. See how to find them!

Deep Freeze

Find out what happens when liquids freeze in this easy science project.

Read a Weather Map

Kids can become weather experts after learning to read a weather map. Find out more.

Divide and Conquer Houseplants

Make the most of your houseplants in this kids' activity. Learn more.

In the first easy science project, grow your own lovely indoor sugar cane.

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