Easy Science Experiments For Kids

Water Conservation Poster

Why is it so important to keep rivers and lakes clean? Make a water conservation poster showing how precious our freshwater supply really is.

What You'll Need:

  • Poster board
  • Markers

This activity is even more fun with a group of friends.

Step 1: Get a big piece of poster board and draw 100 circles, all the same size. (You can trace around a quarter or a very small cup. Just make sure there's room on your poster board for 100 circles, with some room left over.)

Step 2: Color 97 of the circles all the same color. These circles will stand for all the saltwater on Earth.

Step 3: Color two circles another color. These two circles will stand for all the frozen water on Earth.

Step 4: How many circles are left? That's right, only one. That circle stands for all the freshwater on Earth. Color it a third color. That one circle has to provide all the water humans need for drinking, watering crops, and everything else.

Step 5: Think of a title for your poster. Also, somewhere on the poster, make a key to explain what the chart means. See if you can put up your chart at a library or school.

The next science experiment reveals just how big a difference a little salt can make.

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