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Cricket Degrees

Crickets are thought of as nature's thermometers.
Crickets are thought of as nature's thermometers.
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"Cricket degrees" is a simple trick that's a surprisingly accurate way to tell the outside temperature -- just by listening to crickets!

The trick has to do with counting the number of cricket chirps. It's why crickets are often called "nature's thermometers." You really can tell the temperature by listening to crickets.

How to Use Cricket Degrees:

Step 1: Go outside in the evening to a place where you can hear crickets. Try to listen for the chirp of just one cricket.

Step 2: Count its chirps for 14 seconds.

Step 3: Write down the number, and then add 40 to it.

The sum will tell you the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit -- those are cricket degrees!

Crickets are just one kind of inhabitant of your yard. Learn about the many others by taking a lawn census. Keep reading to learn more.

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