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Weather Bug Experiment

Does the weather bug a bug?
Does the weather bug a bug?
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The weather bug experiment answers a nagging question: Where do bugs go when it's cold? Summer is definitely the season of the buzzing, bothersome fly. Hordes of them seem to invade your house and your yard as soon as the weather turns warm. But why do they seem to vanish when the cool, short days return?

It's because cold weather bothers some insects. This activity will show you how much.

What You'll Need:

  • Clean jar with a lid full of air holes
  • Pancake syrup
  • One captured fly
  • Refrigerator

Step 1: Capture an ordinary housefly in a clear plastic or glass jar. (You can use a bit of pancake syrup to lure your fly into the jar.) Be sure the jar has air holes so your experiment subject won't suffer as you hold it captive.

Step 2: Observe the fly. Do you see how fast and active the fly is even while inside the jar?

Step 3: Place the jar inside your fridge for half an hour.

Step 4: Retrieve the jar and watch the fly now. Has the temporary chill slowed it down? Remember to release the fly outside once your experiment is complete.

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