Easy Outdoor Science Activities For Kids

Exercise in Imagination

This exercise in imagination lets your mind fly high.

What You'll Need:

  • Imagination
  • A grassy space with a view of the sky
  • Friends (optional)

Have you ever dreamed you could fly? Here's your chance to dream with your eyes wide open.

On a clear day when you can look deep into the sky, lay back in your yard or in a nearby park and let your imagination soar. Then, think about questions like these:

  • Where would you fly if you could?
  • How high would you go, if the limits were all in your mind?
  • What would it look like and feel like up in the air?
  • Who would you want to fly with you, if it could be anyone in the world?

Try this fun fantasy on your own or get a group of friends together and share your stories.

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