How to Make a Wine Cork Corkboard

Making a Wine Cork Corkboard

Ready to get going? Gather a few simple supplies and start crafting!

Collect all your excess corks, a picture frame with backing and a hot glue gun. To make a corkboard of substantial size, you'll want a minimum of 75 corks. However, the amount of corks needed will depend on the size of your frame and the pattern in which you arrange the corks.

Begin by laying your frame down flat and playing around with the arrangement of your corks. Most designs will allow you to lay all your corks in place without having to cut any of them, but a sharp knife will do the trick if you feel you need to alter some of your collection. Common patterns include laying the corks on their side and alternating the direction they lay, or standing them tall so that the end that was once deepest in your wine bottle is now touching the backing of the frame. Once you've fit them all snugly inside your frame, simply lift them one at a time and apply a layer of hot glue to the side that touches the backing. Carefully press the cork back in place and move on to its neighbor [sources: Stewart, Shea].

After you've set everything in place, allow a few hours of drying time. Then simply hang the corkboard wherever you wish and it's ready for use.

Those who are feeling extra crafty can take the project one step further by creating their own unique frame. Use a saw to cut four equal lengths of wood. Carefully cut the edges of these planks into forty-five degree angles and nail them together. Cut a sturdy backing -- such as plywood -- to the size of the frame and nail it to the planks [source: Re-Nest].

Now you have a fun and easy way to make use of all those old wine corks.

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