Ultimate Guide to Recycled T-Shirt Crafts

Recycled T-Shirt Rugs

Do you love your old T-shirts, or do you hate them? Answer that question first before you think about making a recycled T-shirt rug, because if you love them, there's one way to do it, and if you hate them, there's another.

If you love your T-shirts, you'll want to keep them intact. To make this kind of rug, you'll need:

  • T-shirts
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Thread

Begin the project by arranging your T-shirts on the floor in any pattern you wish. Start with a couple shirts and build the "pattern" until you have a size and design you like. Once you've settled on a design, pin all of the shirts together to hold them in place until you start sewing. Then, begin sewing each of the shirts together. You should then go back and sew all of the armholes and neck holes shut to ensure that no one trips over them.

This kind of rug can get pretty busy, so it's best used in a simple room. Otherwise, it can look like you just left all of your clothes on the ground. You may also want to consider putting a backing on it to help ensure it keeps its shape.

If you really hate your old T-shirts, you don't want to flaunt the designs everywhere. Instead, you can destroy them and then reuse them in a nicely crocheted T-shirt rug.

To make this kind of rug, you'll need:

  • T-shirts
  • Scissors
  • A crochet hook

This process follows much of the same idea detailed on the previous page of making T-shirt rags. You should cut the shirts into strips and crochet them together just like you would any yarn or fabric. If you plan on making a simple doormat, you can get by with about three large shirts [source: Craft Stylish]. An area rug, however, could take 20 shirts or more, so start collecting [source: Crazy Mom Quilts].

If you're looking for something to match your new T-shirt pillow and T-shirt rug, you might want to consider a recycled T-shirt quilt. Keep reading to discover how to make one.