Ultimate Guide to Recycled Soda Bottle Crafts

Recycled Soda Bottle Noise Makers

What do fans at a sporting event, New Year's Eve revelers, and babies and toddlers have in common? Whether it's to show support, celebrate, or play, they all like to use noise makers! Here's how to make your own noise makers at home from recycled soda bottles for a fraction of what they cost at a party supply or toy store.

Creating soda bottle noise makers is a fun and inexpensive craft activity for kids and adults alike. Plus, you're helping the environment by finding a new use for empty soda bottles and keeping them out of landfills. Look around your house, and you'll find that you probably already have all the materials you'll need to make your own noise maker.

Choose a small soda bottle for your noise maker, since this is a good size for children's hands. Rinse out the bottle and let it dry. Gather art supplies -- such as markers, paint, construction paper and glue -- to decorate the outside of the bottle. Then think of materials that will make the best sound inside the plastic bottle, such as pebbles or dry beans [sources: James, The Savvy Source]. Pour the pebbles or beans into the bottle and secure the top. Decorate the bottle with your art supplies and get ready to cheer, celebrate and play!

You can enjoy creating these soda bottle craft projects or challenge yourself to come up with your own ideas. Remember, crafting with soda bottles is a great way to recycle, reduce and reuse.

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