Ultimate Guide to Recycled Soda Bottle Crafts

Recycled Soda Bottle Candleholders

Do you have candles without holders cluttering your closets and empty soda bottles crowding your countertops? If so, you have the components needed to create candleholders. Use a small water bottle to create a candleholder for a tall, skinny taper candle or a 2-liter soda bottle for a short, squat votive candle.

To make a taper candleholder, you'll need a plastic water bottle with a mouthpiece that fits snugly over the candle's base and a pair of scissors [source: Designboom]. Rinse out the bottle and remove the label. Mark a line 1 to 2 inches (3 to 5 cm) below the mouthpiece. Poke a hole in the plastic with the scissors to begin cutting on the line that you've marked. Insert the taper through the mouthpiece until its base is level with the cut opening of the bottle. Place the candleholder on a flat surface to make sure it stands upright. Trim any rough or uneven edges if the candle tips over. If you save up a few more plastic bottles, you can make a complete set of candleholders for your dining room table.

If you prefer votive candles to taper candles, you can make a votive candleholder using a 2-liter soda bottle. First you'll need to rinse out the soda bottle and remove the label. Then, remove remnant glue with a rag and turpentine or nail polish remover. Be sure to rinse the outside of the bottle if you use either of these flammable substances. Then plan a design to cut out from the walls of the bottle, such as a wave pattern. Give the plastic shapes a jolt of color using multicolored permanent markers [source: Instructables]. Make sure you color the outside walls rather than the inside walls. When you've finished cutting and coloring, place a votive candle in the bottom of the bottle and watch your colorful creation glow!

Is your creativity heating up, or are you ready to hang it up? If so, read the next page to learn how to construct a soda bottle mobile.