Ultimate Guide to Recycled Soda Bottle Crafts

Recycled Soda Bottle Dome Display

A dome display is a transparent dome made out of glass or plastic used to display an object [source: Dadcando]. The recycled plastic dome display that you will learn to create here will be less expensive, more kid-friendly and better for the environment than its glass counterpart.

First, you'll need an empty 2-liter soda bottle. A 2-liter bottle is the best size for this project because it provides room for objects of many different sizes. Rinse the bottle with water and remove the label. You may want to have a rag and turpentine or fingernail polish remover on hand to remove any stubborn adhesive marks left behind by the label. Cut off the bottom of the bottle a few inches above the compartmentalized segments that make up the base. You might need to use a small knife to puncture the bottle and then use scissors to cut off the bottom.

Next, you'll need to choose a base for your dome display. A good base usually has two parts: a flat bottom and a raised display pad glued on top that fits just inside the cut bottom of the soda bottle. You might use a wood circle for the flat bottom and a Styrofoam or floral foam disk for the raised display surface [source: Lenoir]. You can find these materials at most craft and hobby stores.

Once you've assembled your base, you'll need to decide on a theme, select objects to display and choose materials to accent the dome display. Keep your theme in mind when you decorate the base. You'll also want to attach a finial, or knob, with a hot glue gun to cover the top and neck of the bottle. Use your imagination to choose materials or objects for the knob. It should match the theme of your display and also act as a handle to lift the dome off the base when you want to change the display inside.

(For our young readers, be sure to get help from a parent or teacher while removing adhesive, cutting the bottle and using the hot glue gun.)

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