Ultimate Guide to Recycled Milk Jug Crafts

Recycled Milk Jug Funnels

The last time you tried to put anti-freeze or oil in your car, did you have a funnel handy? If not, you probably spilled all over the place. We've all been there. In fact, there are probably a number of times in your life that you've wished you had a funnel. They're great to have around, but often get misplaced. Not to worry. Chances are, you didn't forget to pick up milk, and therein lies the solution -- the milk jug funnel.

You're going to need a milk jug and knife that can cut through the plastic. A serrated kitchen knife is fine if that's all you have, but a utility knife will be easier and faster. Cut the bottom half of the milk jug off. Turn the top half upside down, remove the cap and voila, you've got a homemade funnel. Whether or not you leave the handle of the milk jug on your funnel is up to you, but it might be a good idea because it gives you an easy way to hold it. Now you're ready to put a fresh quart of oil in your car without leaving splash marks under your hood.

You can also use a milk jug funnel in the kitchen for transferring dry goods from one container to another or canning fruits and vegetables [source: Momma]. In fact, it's a perfect funnel for making jelly as well. All you have to do is secure a jelly bag to the funnel and then pour your fruit juice in [source: Owen]. Funnels can be helpful and effective all around your home.

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