Ultimate Guide to Recycled Milk Jug Crafts

Recycled Milk Jug Noise Makers

No sporting event is complete without a throng of cheering fans. You can wave a big foam finger in the air as well, but it's not really intimidating. Noise works better. The problem is most sporting events last hours, straining your voice. Aggressive clapping will leave your hands red and sore. Fortunately, there's a cheap and incredibly effective solution: the milk jug noise maker.

You only need two things to make a milk jug noise maker; a milk jug with a cap and something to put inside it that will make a lot of noise when you shake it around. The best part is that it can literally be anything you have lying around the house that will fit in the milk jug. Pennies are ideal. In fact, one company did a study and found that 15 pennies produce the optimal amount of noise [source: Red Devils]. The other good thing about pennies is that people generally have a lot of them lying around the house. Popcorn kernels work as well, and so do nails or screws -- or just about anything small and metal that you might have out in the workshop.

So you've found an empty milk jug and something to put inside it. You're almost done. There's only one step left: customizing your milk jug. It's not completely necessary, but it might just give you that added edge you're looking for. Dig up some markers or some puff paint and go to town. Your team colors are generally a good idea as is the word "Go" followed by the name of your beloved mascot. You can even tie streamers to the handle of your jug to make it more eye catching. This works really well for distracting a pitcher or a free-throw shooter.

At the end of the day, milk jug noise makers are cheap and easy to make. They aren't just for sporting events either. Get creative. There are a lot of reasons out there to make some noise.

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