Ultimate Guide to Recycled Milk Jug Crafts

Recycled Milk Jug Garden Nannies

Watering your garden and indoor plants can be a hassle. This is especially true in the peak of the summer heat, when consistent water is a necessity for plant health. It can be a pain trekking out the hose or watering can everyday, or arranging for a neighbor to take care of your plants every time you're away.

For a convenient garden tool, look no further than that empty milk jug in the corner. This hollow container can make your life a little easier, while helping your plants blossom and bloom.

For this craft, you'll need an empty milk jug (with cap), water, a hammer and nail, a sharp knife and a thirsty plant. Start by cutting the bottom off the jug. This is how you'll fill the container with water in the future. Place the milk carton's cap on a workbench and use the hammer and nail to poke at least four holes in the cap. Be careful to just barely push the nail through, as to make a whole in the cap without nailing it to your workspace. (In fact, you may want to use the hammer to push a Phillip's head screwdriver through the cap instead.) Replace the cap to the top of the bottle.

Make a hole in the soil near the plant you want to water. Insert the bottle, cap side down, so that roughly half the bottle is in the soil. Fill soil in around the jug so it will stay in place. Then simply fill it with as much water as it will hold -- or as much water as your plant needs. Water will slowly trickle out providing your plant with a slow steady supply of water. Feel free to add fertilizer if you wish.

Be sure to pull the milk jug nanny out from time to time and clean the cap. The small holes can get clogged with time [source: Sanders]. Fill the jug when empty or when your plant demands, and then you're free to walk away.

If your garden is fully watered, perhaps a different craft would better suit you. Head over to the next page to be enlightened!