Ultimate Guide to Recycled Juice Box Crafts

Juice Box iPhone Case

If you have an iPhone, you know the importance of keeping it protected. You could go to the store and buy a brand new case that will protect your iPhone from damage, or you could try making your own case out of an old juice box [source: Artists Helping Children]. It should take less than an hour and you'll save a nice chunk of change in the process.

Gather a juice box, some fabric and a sewing kit. A sewing machine will help speed up the process, but it isn't necessary. Start by unfolding the juice box. Pull it apart at the seam and lay it flat on the table. Next, use your iPhone to determine the size of the case and cut away any excess. You should be left with enough of the juice box so you can wrap it around your iPhone completely and have about an inch of overlap on one side. This is where the sewing comes into play. To form the enclosure flap of the case, simply fold in the corners on one side of the juice box so it looks like the lip of an envelope. Using colored string, sew the folded sections together so they'll hold that shape.

Next, cut a piece of fabric to fit the inside of the case and use spray glue to attach it. Sanding down the waxy surface of the box may help the glue to stick better. Here's where it gets a little tricky. Once you've formed the enclosure flap for the case and lined it with fabric, you need to wrap the juice box around your phone, folding the corners and making them as tight as possible. Cut away any excess parts of the juice box that might be making this difficult. For the next step you can use glue to seal all the seams or you can sew them if you're proficient enough in sewing. When you're done you should have a box perfectly sized to fit your iPhone with an overlapping flap to close it.

For the last step, simply use some of the excess juice box to make a strap that will attach to the back of the case. Again, it's best to attach this strap by sewing it on. The point of the strap is to be able to slide the enclosure flap into it, so place it at a point on the box where this is possible. Once you've completed this step, you're all done. If you don't have an iPhone, you could also use this idea to create a case for an iPod or digital camera.

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