Ultimate Guide to Recycled Juice Box Crafts

Juice Box Art Projects

Here are three projects you can try with your kids. They range in difficulty level from easy to moderate.

The first project is a juice box train. You'll need at least three juice boxes, some pipe cleaners, scissors, a paper towel or toilet paper cardboard tube, construction paper in different colors, tape, glue, and crayons or markers to decorate with. Begin by poking a hole in the top and bottom of the juice boxes. Then have your child wrap the juice boxes in construction paper and color them. These are the train cars. Next, thread the pipe cleaner through the juice boxes, and connect them at each end. Cut a small ring off the cardboard tube and attach it like a smoke stack on the engine, or the front juice box. For the final touch, cut out a small triangle and attach it to the front [source: PBS Kids].

You can also make a juice box doll. Gather one juice box for each child, colored construction paper, yarn, wiggle eyes, black marker, glue, tape and scissors. Wrap the box in construction paper. Cut four strips from a separate piece of construction paper to be arms and legs. Fold all four strips like an accordion and use glue them to the juice box. Next, attach the wiggle eyes to the front of the juice box using glue and begin cutting yarn for the hair. Cover the top of the juice box in glue and attach the yarn until your juice box doll has a full head of hair. Finally, draw on a smile and decorate as desired [source: Formaro].

The third and most difficult project is a juice box jumper. You'll need all of the same supplies from the juice box doll -- except a rubber band instead of yarn. Have your child decorate the juice box like a frog. Then have them cut out arms and legs. You can use the same accordion technique from above or make them look more realistic. Attach the arms and legs to the juice box with glue, as well as the wiggle eyes. Draw on a smile and then poke a small hole in the top of the juice box. For the final step, cut a rubber band so it makes one long strand and tie a knot at either end. Push the knot through the hole in the top of the juice box and you've got yourself a juice box jumper [source: Nestle Family].

Of course, not all juice box crafts are solely for kids. Keep reading to find out how you can turn a juice box into a case for your iPhone.