Ultimate Guide to Recycled Holiday Crafts for Kids

Recycled Kwanzaa Crafts for Kids

Your kids can recycle all those extra wrapping paper tubes leftover from the holidays into poles for a paper Kwanzaa flag. Cut the tubes into smaller lengths - paper-towel tubes are good for this craft, too. Have children paint a sheet of white paper with Kwanzaa colors: red, black and green. For a flag effect, children should paint both sides of the paper, so you'll have to allow time to let the first side dry. Instruct children to paint their wrapping paper tube or paper towel tube black. After everything is dry, glue the painted flag to the flag pole [source: Crayola].

To make a Kwanzaa Kinara, you can use old baby food jars, similar to the Hanukkah menorah project on the previous page. The difference lies in how your kids decorate their jars. One way to make festive candle holders for Kwanzaa is to use pieces of African-themed fabric. Have kids cut cloth into seven circles with a diameter of 14 inches (about 35 centimeters). Saturate the cloth circles in liquid starch, set one jar in the center of each circle, and fold the cloth up over the sides of the jar, tucking it into the top of the jar. These will need to dry overnight before in the candles can be inserted. You can use clay to keep the candles in place, or melted wax serves as a good alternative -- just remember that for younger children, you should handle the wax yourself to ensure that everyone stays safe. As with any project that involves candles, you'll want to help the children light the Kinaras. Also, use tall candles to avoid catching the fabric on fire, and make sure the candles are burning in a safe place [source: Making Friends]. Battery-operated candles may also be appropriate.

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