Ultimate Guide to Recycled Holiday Crafts for Kids

Recycled Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Your kids can help you recycle milk cartons, paper bags and old pens with this turkey pen and pencil holder project. Use small milk cartons, such as the single-serving kind found in most schools. Be sure to rinse the carton well when kids are finished with their milk and let it dry. Then get some old brown paper grocery bags and have kids use them to cover the sides of their turkey cartons. Remind them that if there is any writing on the bags, it should face the carton so that it doesn't show.

Lay the carton lengthwise on a flat surface, and poke a brown lollipop into the top of the carton on the closed side, which will be the turkey's head. Gather old pens and instruct children to glue a colorful feather made of old paper scraps to each pen. Place these pens in the open end of your milk jug for the tail. Children can decorate their turkeys further with markers or colored pencils if they like [source: Russell].

To create little Thanksgiving characters, use old paper towel or toilet paper tubes as a base. You can even use a wrapping paper tube that has been cut into smaller pieces. Next, wrap scraps of felt around the tube for clothing and make a face for your character. You can draw it directly on the tube, or you may make one on a piece of paper and attach it. Your kids might want to make fall scarecrows or pilgrims, for example [source: Formaro]. Small leftovers from other crafts make great accessories for your tube characters -- just use whatever is taking up space in your craft containers.

You can make characters for any holiday out of just about anything. For some ideas on items to use for Halloween crafts, continue reading.