Ultimate Guide to Recycled Holiday Crafts for Kids

Recycled Easter Crafts for Kids

In order to both cut down on waste and find a place for your kids to stash their candy, eggs and other Easter loot, help them make bunny-shaped Easter baskets out of items you already have in the house.

For example, many families can go through a half gallon of milk or juice pretty quickly. There's no need to discard the containers, though. Instead, half-gallon cardboard milk or juice cartons make quick, simple and fun Easter baskets. Lay the jug on its side with the spout facing toward you -- this will be the rabbit's nose. Then, cut out the long, top side of the container so that only the part of it near the spout is still attached. Fold it back up toward you, and cut a slice down the middle so that it's shaped like two, long bunny ears. They should be bent up as if they stick out from behind the rabbit's face. This also creates an opening in the container for you to stuff with Easter treats.

Children can glue cotton balls to their bunny baskets for a furry effect and attach pom-poms or other objects on for the rabbit's eyes. Then have them stick pipe cleaners around the nose (the spout) to make whiskers. When kids are through decorating their bunnies, line the inside of the carton with felt -- but just be sure you remembered to rinse it out first [source: Cathers]. When finished, you can either set it out and fill it with eggs and candy, or add some fabric and create a handle to carry it around.

If your family drinks milk from the plastic gallon jugs instead, you can still use them to make bunny baskets. Set the jug down, right side up, and draw a face on the front side opposite the handle. Then cut out the top side of the jug and cut down around your face to create an ear shape, but be sure not to cut the handle, so the children will be able to carry around their baskets. This also forms the opening where you'll store the Easter grass and candy. Kids can then proceed to decorate their bunnies with cotton balls and other craft supplies [source: Kaboose].

You can use old milk cartons for recycled Thanksgiving crafts, too. Read the next page to find out how.