Ultimate Guide to Recycled Denim Crafts

Recycled Denim Accessories

You can use recycled denim to make a multitude of accessories for both home and office use, including ponytail holders, furniture slipcovers, hanging organizers, decorated pegboards and table linens.

To make a denim ponytail holder, cut a length of denim, fold it inside out and sew the edges together to form a tube. Turn it right side out and insert a piece of elastic. Sew the ends of the elastic together to the desired circumference. Then hand-sew the ends of the denim tube together to make a complete circle [source: McCoy].

Durable denim makes great slipcovers for furniture pieces. Measure the dimensions of the furniture first. Create a pattern from your measurements and cut denim fabric to size, including seam allowances. Sew together the wrong sides of the denim fabric pieces, turn the sewn piece right side out, add zippers to the cover for easy removal and sit pretty on your new denim seat [source: The Fabric of Our Lives].

Hanging organizers are easy to make from several pairs of old jeans. Remove the desired number of back pockets with a seam ripper and then sew them to the front of a larger piece of fabric. Hang the fabric on a wall and store tools, toys or other items in the pockets [source: McCoy].

Dress up a pegboard with decorated denim. Attach ribbon, buttons or fabric pieces to the denim surface to make a unique pegboard design. Then use the pegboard to display pictures, drawings, cards and other keepsake items [source: The Fabric of Our Lives].

Create picnic table linens from old denim. Cut up an old pair of jeans to make napkins and placemats. Stitch pockets to the left edge of the placemats to hold utensils. Trace the bottom of a drinking glass on the denim fabric and cut out circles to use as coasters [source: The Fabric of Our Lives].

Who knew those old, holey and worn out pairs of jeans in the back of your closet had so many creative new uses! Click on the links below to learn even more about denim crafts.

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