Ultimate Guide to Recycled Denim Crafts

Recycled Denim Rugs

If you have a considerable pile of used jeans, you can make two different recycled denim rugs: the braided denim rug and the fringed denim rug.

Making a braided denim rug is quite simple if you know how to weave three strands into a braid [source: McCoy]. To make a braided denim rug, you will need several pairs of jeans and lots of blue thread. First, cut the jeans into long, thin strips. Stitch the strips together end to end, creating three long denim strands. Next, begin braiding the three strands together. You may have to cut and add more strips to your existing strands in order to reach the desired braid length. When you have reached your desired length of braided denim strips, start coiling the finished braid in a circle. Keep the coils in place by stitching them together with thread.

If you struggle with braiding, consider making the fringed denim rug. Like the braided denim rug, this project requires a lot of denim strips. You will also need a sturdy fabric for the back of your rug, such as heavy-duty denim or burlap [sources: All Free Crafts, Martha Stewart]. Lay the first strip of denim down at one end of the backing and sew the strip down the middle so that both sides of the strip face outward. Continue sewing denim strips until you reach the other end of the backing material [source: Martha Stewart]. Sew up any loose ends and toss the rug in the washing machine. The ends of the denim will fringe with repeated washing and general wear and tear, creating a soft and fluffy yet durable surface under your feet.

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