Ultimate Guide to Recycled Denim Crafts

Recycled Denim Potholders

You may think potholders are simple to make. Simply stitch together two fabric squares with some padding in the middle and you've got a potholder, right? Not exactly. If you want to hold scalding pot handles or lids with your potholders, you can't use just any fabric. You will need to use heat-resistant materials. Fortunately, recycled denim is a very good fabric that can offer some heat resistance [source: Starr].

When selecting the denim that you will use for your potholders, make absolutely sure it is 100 percent cotton denim. A variety of fabric blends may be used in today's denim fashions, but pure cotton is best for avoiding burns and preventing the chance of fire [source: Starr]. You will also want to think about the material for the inside of the potholder. To make a truly recycled potholder, consider using old towels or old mattress pads. Just make sure whatever padding you choose is also 100 percent cotton [source: Steinbring].

Once you have gathered your materials, sit down and plan the design of your potholder. For instance, rather than using two plain denim squares, stitch with various cotton thread colors or use different denim shapes to make your potholders unique. You might also want to attach a loop for hanging purposes [source: Steinbring]. Cut out your design and layer the front piece, the padding, the hanging loop (if you're using one), and the backing. Sew together all four sides with the loop in one of the corners. Then get cooking!

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