Ultimate Guide to Recycled Copper Crafts

Recycled Copper Mobiles

A mobile might bring to mind a baby nursery, but you can create lovely grown-up mobiles to decorate your home or office as well. Recycled copper wires make fantastic frames for mobiles, since they are durable and malleable.

Follow these steps to make a simple, recycled copper mobile:

  • Snip the copper wires to your preferred length and place them into a star-like pattern.
  • Tie them together using string, yarn or a thin cord.
  • Tie additional string to the end of each star prong.
  • Tie decorative items from the ends of the string, such as thin copper curlicues, ornaments or other treasured items. You can also glue small pieces of broken mirror to the strings to add some flair.
  • Tie another piece of string to the center of the frame and hang.

If the copper wire is thin enough, you can skip the string and use only copper wiring to hang your mobile. Bend the copper using metal-working or jewelry-making pliers to create loops at the ends of the pieces. Remember that when making any art, patience is key.

To keep all of your creations bright and shiny, clean them regularly with a copper polish. You can find copper cleaners at your local hardware store or online [source: Garfield]. Now that you know how to make some basic recycled arts with copper, you can start looking at your old appliances and discarded copper piles with an artist's eye.

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