Ultimate Guide to Recycled Copper Crafts

Recycled Copper Sculptures

Sculptures come in all shapes and sizes. They don't have to be large, commissioned pieces of work for local businesses. You can also make small sculptures to add to your home or garden.

By bending thin copper wire with your hands, you can create a wide assortment of art projects, including self-portraits, flowers, houses or animals [source: Bartel].

For larger copper sculptures, you're going to need to learn the ins and outs of how the metal works. You're also going to need a blowtorch. If you are skilled in metalwork, you can make copper trellises, birdfeeders and decorative plant hangers for outdoors. For indoor projects, you can let your creativity run wild. But if you've never worked with metal, you're going to need a little instruction.

To learn about working with recycled copper, you can seek out a local artisan or take a class from a local organization, such as the following:

  • Community Art Centers -- Many communities have art centers that offer beginning, intermediate and advanced classes for working with metal.
  • Community Colleges -- Look up the local community college in your area and search the continuing education or noncredit classes.
  • Art Co-ops -- Search for artist rental spaces in your town or city. You may be able to find an art center that has metal workers who offer workshops [source: Loken Forge].

If you feel confident that you can create the sculptures on a do-it-yourself basis but just want a little more instruction, there are many books to choose from. You can search for books about the specific copper sculptures you want to make online or at the library.

If you want to start with something simple, learn how to make a recycled copper mobile on the next page.