Ultimate Guide to Recycled CD Crafts

Recycled CD Bowls

How do you transform something hard and flat into something soft and round? You just have to melt it.

To make a CD bowl, preheat your oven to a low temperature -- perhaps 250 F (120 C) or so. Place a small, oven-safe bowl on top of a cookie or other flat baking sheet. Next, place the CD shiny side up on top of the oven-safe bowl so it overlaps the top. Put the baking sheet, bowl and CD in the preheated oven and "bake" until the CD starts to get soft and bends to the shape of the bowl. Remove from the oven - be sure to use potholders or mitts, as the CD and bowl will be hot. Let it cool, then get out your paints [source: Associated Content].

Using acrylic paints, draw a design on the outside of the CD bowl or paint it a solid color. If you want to fill the hole in the middle, you can glue a small piece of plastic or fabric inside the bottom of your bowl. Or, you could glue your bowl to a small saucer or plate to create a base and seal the hole. Then, simply use your new bowl as a decorative item, or fill it with cotton balls for the bathroom, potpourri for the living room table or with paperclips for your desk.

If you prefer to mold the shape of the bowl, remove the CD from the oven just after it's softened, then use a spoon or chopsticks to bend it into the curves you want. Be sure to wear protective gloves and bend the CD gently to keep it from breaking [source: Associated Content]. Again, if you want to fill the hole, find something to glue to the center or affix the bowl to a small plate.

You can put many things in your CD bowl, but don't use it for food because the plastic and aluminum in the CD may contain contaminants that aren't suitable for eating. Keep its use to a pretty sit-about or as a container for non-edible items.

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