Ultimate Guide to Recycled CD Crafts

Recycled CD Coasters

Though you're normally trying to protect CDs from damage, in this case, they can be the protectors -- as beverage coasters. CDs are the perfect shape and size for resting your coffee mug or water glass on top, protecting your table from unattractive beverage rings.

For a rock 'n roll flavor, take your old Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Beatles CDs, cut out a piece of felt the same size as the CD and glue it to the bottom. Use the same process to create other themes, like children's movies (using DVDs) or jazz musicians. Any old CD with a pretty design on the cover will do the trick. And, if you don't want to delve into your personal collection - grab used CDs and DVDs from yard sales or check out local bargain bins.

If you'd rather personalize the coasters, you can buy a CD labeling kit and print out templates from the Internet, or create your own [source: DLTK]. You can also give your kids some pens or paint to make works of art on each CD. Or personalize each coaster by printing out labels with the names of your family members and decorate the borders only.

Once you're done with the design, glue a clear adhesive plastic sheet or contact paper over the top of the CDs to protect the artwork from getting wet or stained. And be sure to glue felt to the bottom to keep the coasters from sliding and scratching your furniture.

Read on for how to create your own CD bowl and impress all your friends.