Ultimate Guide to Recycled CD Crafts

Recycled CD Candleholders

Infrared light isn't the only kind of light that works well with CDs. Candlelight does, too. Using a CD as a candleholder is a simple way to brighten your room.

The simplest way to use a CD as a candleholder is to set a small pillar or votive candle in the middle of the disc with the shiny side up. As the candle burns, its flame will reflect in the mirror of the CD, creating a warm glow. Once the candle has burned and the disc is covered with wax, you can throw it away or use the CD for another crafting purpose. Chipping the wax off may damage the reflective finish of the CD, so you could use it to create a photo ornament as described on the previous page.

You can also glue the candle to the middle of the shiny side of the CD and cut out a piece of felt or foam to glue to the other side for cushioning. Then surround it with a wreath, potpourri, flowers, leaves or tree branches. Or, depending on the mood you're going for, you can glue beads or lace along the edge. Be sure to leave space between the candle and any flammable add-ons though.

You can even use CD candle setups as centerpieces for buffet tables. They're inexpensive and easy to make so they can be used for parties or just a quiet night at home. It's your light, so let it shine.

If the table use interests you, keep reading to learn how CDs can keep water stains off your coffee table.